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Fantastic teachers and a great learning environment shared with interesting people

Lauren, 29, from Australia – July 08, 2016

Stay: 4 months, Course Start: 2016 , Accomodation:

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?


-absolutely the teachers. Natalia and Marit were both amazing and I am privileged to have been taught by them. They both provide humour and entertainment in class, and offer much more than just vocabulary and grammar. We were recommended weekend activities and learned a lot about German history and culture, and they were genuinely interested in learning about our own views and cultural aspects of our own countries. They also shared the attention around the class equally and made us feel comfortable

- the staff in the office were friendly and efficient

- my homestay was in a great location near Ostkreuz at Friedrichshain, and my German Mitbewohnerin only spoke German to me at home, and made me feel welcome inviting me to dinners with her friends and so on

- the delivery of lessons with the combination of texts, listening exercises, and amount of homework was good

- after class activities were well coordinated

- the mix of people in the class with regards to nationalities, gender and ages was great and gave the opportunity to also learn about other cultures


Not so good

- I did not have wifi at home and this was a huge issue as I couldn't watch videos, skype my family, or do much else with the limited 5GB of data on the slow internet stick provided. All homestay providers should be made to offer wifi

- I would have loved to written some stories for the GLS website about my stay in Berlin. However, despite meeting personally with Tina to ask about this, giving her my email address, and following up with a further email expressing my interest, I was not contacted back at any stage. This was disappointing, as I am a travel blogger and would have had much to offer

- the class size became too large at some points. 12 people is too many. It should be capped at 8

- there is no cooling for hot days - ceiling fans or air conditioning. When the street is noisy and the windows have to be closed, it becomes very hot.

Your recommendations for other students

Go in the winter and shoulder seasons if possible so there are less students.

Opt for homestay so you only speak German at home

Do the after class activities

Stay for a minimum of one month


  • 11.07.2016 Dear Lauren, I am happy to hear you had a great time at GLS. Regarding your travel blogger experience: we would love for you to write a blog entry in our community - We will relaunch the community this summer including new layout and lots of possibilities to create beautiful content. Each travel report will be paid 50 Euros. Greetings from Berlin Tina

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