German course with accommodation on the GLS campus in Berlin

in Berlin

Your options with GLS



Can I book just a German course, without accommodation?

Yes, of course you can, we give seperate prices for German courses and accommodation, so you see what just the course will cost.

What if I´d like to bring a friend, who isn´t doing a course with you?

No problem, we can arrange accommodation for the two of you - not in a homestay, but in a studio or a hotel room on the GLS campus

What are the distances between accommodation and school?

  • On campus accoommodation in apartment or hotel - zero distance
  • Flat share: either walking distance or 20 minute commute (more)
  • Homestay: between 10 - 55 minutes

Often you are faster by bike than by public transport, and you can rent a bicycle at a bike station near GLS.

Do I have to bring pots, pans, bed sheets?

No, whatever type of accommodation you choose - bed sheets are always included. Pots and pans as well, the only exception is the hotel on campus.

What if I have special dietary needs?

If you are a vegetarian, have allergies or special dietary requirements, please let us know when you apply (just fill in the respective fields on the enrollment form). We then will take care, that you get an accommodation according to your requirements.

Can I change accommodation?

With stays of less than 4 weeks, you can´t, unless you have sound reason for demanding so. We carefully select and regularly inspect all accommodations, to make sure they meet all necessary standards. Should you have a good reason, though, for wanting to change, please come to our office immediately and we will try to solve the problem together.