German course with accommodation on the GLS campus in Berlin

in Berlin

Your options with GLS

German course with Accommodation in Berlin

If you need an accommodation while learning German in Berlin, we are happy to help you with that! These are your options, if you do a German course at the GLS German Language School:

50 Apartments (on campus)

German course in Berlin with accommodation on campus

Very convenient - the apartments are in the garden just behind the language school:

Hotel Oderberger (on campus)

german courses in Berlin with accommodation on site

The hotel is the jewel on campus, a Berlin landmark under monument protection:

Flat share in Berlin

Flat share in Berlin for students of the GLS German Language School

Share a Berlin flat with other GLS students:

Student residence - low budget

cheap housing in Berlin for students of the GLS German language school

The cheapest option if you want an apartment all to yourself in Berlin

Homestay with Berliners

Homestay in Berlin

Live with Berliners and practice your German

Arrival days

... are Sundays, departure days Saturdays. Please try to schedule your flights accordingly so as to avoid expenses for extra nights.

Getting around

This is Berlin´s metro map: GLS is just north of Alexanderplatz at U 8 Rosenthaler Platz or U 2 Eberswalder Straße. Our recommendation: rent a bike - there is a station just around the corner! Berlin is great for cycling and you can do great bicycle tours.

What you should bring:

  • We provide all teaching materials, so all you´ll have to bring are paper, pen, bilingual dictionary plus 2 fotos for your GLS student ID - good for price reductions on entrance tickets (hardly any reductions for public transport any more - calculate ca. 24 EUR for a weekly ticket, ca. 70 EUR for a monthly ticket)
  • Clothing: Berlin has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers: Berlin weather

Pick-up at Berlin airport or station

We can arrange a pick-up, but taxi or public transport will be easy, too, and cheaper (a bit more than 2 Euro for bus & metro, 25 Euro taxi). You will receive your accommodation address with a detailed description how to get there. Berlin metro map (PDF)