History & Architecture

History & Architecture

The GLS campus is a historic block of buildings in the center of Berlin. Designed in the 19th century, when Berlin´s population was growing rapidly, the block originally accommodated a high school and a public bath house (today Hotel Oderberger).

School & Restaurant

The school house was built in the 1960ies, on ruins left by bombings in World War II. The style is faintly Bauhaus, very modern, very functional. 

GLS bought the building in 2005. Today the 3 upper floors accommodate classrooms. On the ground floor GLS opened a restaurant, serving modern German food. 

The apartments

The 2 buildings, that accommodate the apartments, were built in 1867 and 1910. 

Historically, they were part of a public school that operated from 1867 till 2005, when the Berlin senate closed it down. 

GLS converted the former classrooms into apartments for students.

Hotel Oderberger

The hotel is the most spectacular building on campus, a Berlin landmark under monument protection. 

It was built in 1902 as a public bath house. 

The baths survived WW II but were shut down in 1986 due to damages in the bassin.

The baths dilapidated till GLS bought them in 2011 and converted them into a boutique hotel, Hotel Oderberger Berlin.

The hotel rooms are in the 2 wings flanking the cathedral-like pool hall in the center.

See the fantastic interior in these videos of artists´performances that took place in the baths while GLS renovated them: Artist Johanna Keimeyer and Dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert