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Best German Course in Berlin

Karim, 29, from Egypt – December 01, 2016

Stay: 7 weeks, Course Start: 2016 , Accomodation:

After class activities
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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

GLS has a great campus in one of the best areas in Berlin, surrounded by its of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. I really liked how their classes are designed, the smart boards were very helpful too. What I liked best is the teachers, I believe all of them were great, and made studying German fun. What I liked least is the pace of the course, maybe it's a personal thing, but I like to have to go through what we learn over and over, the pace was a bit too fast for me, so with time I was dropping a thing or two, but again maybe it's just how I function :)

Definitely going back to GLS again.

Your recommendations for other students

Don't rush yourself into the semi-intensive or the intensive courses, I recommend starting with the standard course, then start placing yourself up. I started with the intensive and it was little bit too overwhelming at the beginning.

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