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A dream school for German learners

Avigaïl, 38, from France – April 25, 2014

Stay: 2 weeks, Course Start: 2012 , Accomodation:

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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Hello. I was a beginner at German and I didn't feel lost at any moment, neither in the class nor on the campus.

I really enjoyed the methods used by the teachers, and the fact that the classes were thorough, including conversation AND grammar. I liked the fact that we had a test at the end of every week, it encouraged me to work harder.

The campus is great, though at the time the computer room wasn't at the top (many computers didn't work).

What I didn't like is that with GLS we went to Museums in the afternoon but the visits inside the Museums were not really organized and we were left by ourselves. I would have appreciated a little tour, or even just a little speech. But this is a detail.

Unfortunately when I came to GLS I was supposed to stay longer than 2 weeks but had to go back home for an emergency. I was very frustrated about it and I really would like to come back at some point. I am taking German lessons at the moment but it's nothing compared to what I had at GLS.

Being an English teacher learning a new language from scratch, this experience and the quality of the classes enabled me to better understand my own job, and put myself in the shoes of the learners. So I learnt German in a great and fun way, and it also gave me new ideas for my job.

So I am taking this opportunity to congratulate all the team of teachers at GLS because you are doing a great job and I encourage you to develop new projects and have new ideas.

Your recommendations for other students

Enjoy every minute of it because it's really worth it.

Don't hesitate to enroll because you'll not be disappointed.

Everything is very well organised, the teachers are really competent. So make the most of it!

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