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German language certificates - which one is for you?

You will get a GLS certificate after having finished your course at the GLS German language school in Berlin. Our certificate documents your level of German on the European Framework scale A1 - C2 and is free of charge, unlike telc, TestDaF or Goethe certificates. Many employers in Berlin accept a GLS certificate, but it has no worldwide recognition. If you want that, we recommend an official German language certificate like telc or TestDaF.

  • "How long will it take me before I can do exam xyz?" Check this chart!

telc German A2

 helpful if you want to get a residence permit for Germany 

telc German B1

for some university studies in music or art or if you want to apply for German citizenship 

telc German B2 / Goethe B2

both accepted by most employers in Germany

Goethe C1

accepted by basicly all employers 

telc C1 Hochschule / TestDaF - for university studies

both for admission to universities in Germany. TestDaF and telc C1 Hochschule are equivalent (In 2016 the certificate telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule was officially recognized as proof of language skills for admission to German universities by the members of the German Rectors' and Cultural Ministers’ Conference) 

Goethe C2

for teachers of German - more - prep courses & exams

TestDaF & telc: GLS is an official test center in Berlin

The GLS German language school in Berlin is a testing center for telc Deutsch certificates and TestDaF: more about prep courses and testing dates

Goethe or telc exam??

Wondering which exam to take? Read more at the bottom of this page

Goethe or telc? Which exam should I take??

Are you wondering which exam to take? What the differences are? To make it short: there are no significant differences, as both - Goethe and telc - are recognized testing bodies. Just take the exam that suits you better in terms of testing dates and/or price (telc exams tend to be cheaper than the Goethe ones). 

Some background info: telc is an official testing body headquarted in Frankfurt: more. telc tests 10 languages, the Goethe Institue only German. As far as the German tests go, the testing formats are very similar, albeit not identical. Both are paper-based, with a written and an oral part.

Goethe exams can be taken only at a Goethe Institute, telc exams at testing centers worldwide. GLS is a telc testing center in Berlin. See our testing dates here