visa for Germany - language courses and working holiday

Visa regulations for Germany

Check here if you need a visa or not to come to Germany:


1. If you do NOT need a visa

because you come from a country that is marked as "no visa" on this list of the German Foreign Office, you can come for 90 days (except EU citizens, who can stay forever).

Prolongation beyond 90 days is very easy, if ...

... you are from Australia, Canada, IsraelJapan, Korea, New Zealand or the USA: once in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit here in Berlin. The application is easy and comfortable. All you need is a confirmation by GLS that you will continue your language course (or, if you want to study at a university, an acceptance letter by your German university). Then you just present this document at the Ausländerbehörde Berlin - you can make an email appointment beforehand to save waiting time. If you have questions, just come to our office - we´ll be happy to explain and consult.

Other nationals like Brazilians for example, who can come for 90 days without a visa, can often prolong their stay quite easily, too: You are not granted a residence permit, but often (not always) you can get a visa to stay longer. If you want to be on the safe side, contact your local German embassy before leaving home and ask them if you can prolong your stay after arrival in Germany.


2. If you need a visa ...

because your country has a "YES" behind its name on this list of the German Foreign office, we will send an invitation document for the visa application.

In the invitation we have to confirm, that all costs have been taken care of - thus please note that we can send out the invitation only after having received full payment from you. In case of visa rejection, the full amount will be refunded except for a handling fee of Euro 200. Please find here information about the visa regulations for Germany.

If you need to document knowledge of German

... before coming to Germany, we suggest you take the DUO online German courses first (more here, topic 2) and then continue with us here in Berlin


3. Working Holiday visas for Germany

... are an option for citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan:

  • age between 18 and 30 (35 for Canadians*)
  • stays of up to 12 months
  • sufficient funds for the first three months (ca. 250 euro per month)

With a Working Holiday visa you can look for a job in Berlin and make some money. Please keep in mind that it will be difficult fo find a job with little or no German language skills. Taking German classes will definitely enhance your chances.

When to apply: BEFORE coming to Germany if you are from Canada, South Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong (just contact your local German embassy or consulate); before OR after having arrived in Germany for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Japan. See also the German Foreign Office´s website.

>>> GLS offer to students who travel on a working holiday visa and who take a German course of min. 8 weeks: 1 free hour of consulting, with information about where and how to find a job in Berlin. We will not find the job for you, but we will help and enable you to find one yourself.

* In Canada the name of the visa ist not "Working Holiday", but "Youth Mobility Visa"