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GLS Weekend trips in Germany

The weekend trips complement the German courses at GLS Berlin. Your GLS guide is free, what you pay for are train tickets, board and accommodation, often less than regular prices, as we get special rates for groups. How to register for trips: Just talk to Elisa after class or during breaks (you´ll find her in the bookstore in the GLS campus lobby) - she´ll put your name on the list.


Berlin - Lake Wannsee

Wannsee has always been Berliners´ favourite lake

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... home of many movie stars and more than 1000 years old

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Charlottenburg Palace

... the only surviving royal residence in Berlin

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Nazi camp Ravensbrück

1938 the Nazis established this camp especially for women

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Schwerin - the city of seven lakes and forests

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Leipzig used to be Germany´s "little Paris"

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... das Elbflorenz ( = Florence on River Elbe)

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Elegant Hamburg at the North Sea coast is Germany´s second biggest city

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Görlitz is Dresden´s little sister - the setting for many film productions

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... a spooky cold war spot - and a beautiful hill with a fantastic view all over Berlin

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