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Valuable German experience, could be even better with a few tweaks!

James, 23, from United Kingdom – September 30, 2016

Stay: 11 Weeks, Course Start: 2016 , Accomodation:

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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Class level dependent on the effort and quality of the individual teacher. Most were good but i had 2 who i failed to gain anything from, with no structure to their lessons and also not giving everybody enough of a chance to speak. This made some aspects of the course very frustrating, as well as the high turnover of students, disrupting group dynamic, having been there for a substantial period of time i would expect to have been in a long term group that would change so much, or for even me to have to move class. On the whole it was a positive experience and the good outweighed the bad, although there is some alterations that can be made to make it much better, so much potential with such great facilities.

Your recommendations for other students

I would recommend GLS to students wanting to learn German, if you apply yourself in a positive manner then you can achieve what you want. It is important to be confident in lessons, as this only helps improve your speaking, and stay focused.

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