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Lovely location and campus... higher price, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Hollis, 31, from United States – June 25, 2013

Stay: currently attending classes. Not sure why I got this survey offer in my email., Course Start: 2013 , Accomodation:

After class activities
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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

The Good:

-The teachers are very nice, kind, hard-working, prepared, intelligent, and helpful. They are very patient, and you get a high-quality approach to learning German through immersion here.

-From what I've heard and seen, there are cheaper language schools in Berlin but GLS is one of the nicest. Also, the students at GLS are more of a community than elsewhere.

-The free cookies, coffee, water, and ice cream in House 6 are much appreciated.

-The course materials are very helpful

-Of all of the teachers I've had have really been outstanding.

-The people in the Buro building are very helpful and can explain things clearly (problems with payment, scheduling breaks or pauses, etc.)

-My acquaintances that have booked accommodations through GLS have all been very pleased with the service they have gotten when problems have arisen.

-Sometimes I think that we are learning things too quickly, and we don't take enough time to go over things. But then I realize that after 7 weeks of class, I have learned so much.

-I haven't really gone to many of the group outings, but they really seem like the GLS team has put some effort into finding fun, interesting, and challenging things for people of all ages to do. It seems like they try and find something for everyone. The weekend day trips sound especially fun.


The Bad:

-As someone who sometimes works better alone, I find it difficult to constantly work with a partner or a group while learning German. Sometimes I need to work by myself first after I've just learned something, in order to learn better. The GLS method doesn't encourage this method of learning. I feel that everyone learns a different way, so I am discouraged by this sometimes.

-Sometimes, instead of playing games, I'd rather have more time to review important information prior to tests. I know that the school tries to keep the classes fun and interesting, but sometimes it is really helpful for in-depth explanations and review.

-When we have substitute teachers, it can be sometimes a waste of time to play these introductory games ("Wie heisst du", "Wo kommst du", etc.) Sometimes this seems to be more for the benefit of the teacher rather than the student.

Your recommendations for other students

I definitely recommend this school. I'd recommend that you go sit in one of the cheaper schools and take note of how boring and slow the classes move. I don't think you'd really get a high quality experience there. Then take a look at GLS, with the nice facilities and sense of community. I think you would decide that GLS is the better choice, if you can afford it.

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