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Lack of organisation at the school but one of the greatest teachers.

Alex, 26, from United Kingdom – November 19, 2018

Stay: 1 month, Course Start: 2018

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Best thing about GLS: Stefan is the best thing, hands down. He took a great deal of care answering questions and allowing sessions to be organic. Emphasising a natural progression in the language. Thus, I managed to learn a lot and enjoyed his classes. I wasn't just told to copy notes from a textbook or repeat words. He was always available to discuss questions and also wanted to find out how to improve his sessions. I would only come back if I were able to study under him.


Worst thing about GLS: Communication and structure. First impressions are very important. When I arrived, like many others I didn't really know where to go. Reception is very busy on Monday morning so it would be nicer to see more signage or even people guiding you at the door. After the interviews and reviewal period, I joined a class who had already been learning together for 2 weeks which wasn't a problem but I wasn't informed on what they learnt previously or what I needed to catch up on. Things that, in my mind, should have been highlighted almost instantly. After nearly a month of learning, in one class we were learning and progressing well and in the other held back to beginner level. This led to much confusion and the class eventually split in ability. But I think, the most transparent thing to me - and I don't believe this is fault of my teachers - is there's little structure to the classes. There's no timeline to highlight what we'll be learning, what to expect and when to expect it - so it's all kinda random and feels indefinite.

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