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In general I am really satisfied with both the service that GLS have provided me with and quality of the course itself.

Bojana, 24, from Serbia – April 27, 2016

Stay: one month, Course Start: 2016 , Accomodation:

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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Teacher was extremely good, with an individual approach to every one of us and great teaching skills she managed to maintain the working atmosphere relaxed and pleasant I can say nothing but the best for her. Evening classes are the only option for people working during the. Having the opportunity do have them at this hour made it possible for me to attend a course and it one more of the things I especially liked.


What I believe would made the course I have attended more efficient is a smaller number of students in a group. Being a short preparation course for an important exam it showed itself often difficult to find enough time for everything and everyone which is of the utmost importance for this kind of a course.

Your recommendations for other students


I got a feeling how some of the students in my groups expected from this course to fully prepare them for an exam without doing any additional independent work at home. In my opinion such expectations are unrealistic. I should like to recommend to other students for best results to try to invest more time for learning outside of the school and course itself.

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