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If you want to do it Berlin way - GLS is a place where to stay!

Lidija, 25, from Croatia – April 11, 2014

Stay: 1 month, Course Start: 2013 , Accomodation:

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I liked the most approach to learning and variety in course. Some teachers really did their best to keep our attention and to make us more interested into the lessions. By my opinion, the best quality of your school is the level of happiness of your students, activities that give a chance for all to meet up and make friendships, some for a lifetime and the fact that many students come back for more. As I did, for example. The staff is amazing, everybody is flexible, students have influence in learning and the shape of lessions. They have an opportunity to have a school from their dreams.

I had intensive course in Prater. And it was the best by far! In the end, the best quality are results, after one month I was able to do an voulunteering in one hospital there! My improvement in german was astonishing!

Unfortunately, I must admit that I wasn't sattisfied with everything. First of all, I don't think all the teachers are good enough to have classes in your school. We had one who made an effort only when supervisors came to her class. Before and after she was totally boring and obviously did not care about class and students. The fact that I changed 4 or 5 teachers in four weeks is a minus, too. I was dissapointed with lessions that took place in Schwimbad. It was ruined and old and wasn't on the niveau from your school.

After class activities are repeating and should contain some hip and fresh ideas as well! First time when I came to GLS (2011) I was amazed by accomodation @Brandenburger Tor, but I was quite dissappointed this time. It was obvious that noone invested a dime in that period. The apartement was fithy and full of trash (beer bottles!!!) that were not removed for the whole period when I was there. It would be nice when there were keys for every room in an appartment, since there isn't a safe for passports and money and many students bring their "new friends" who do not belong to the gls into the appartment. In closure I must say that I was absolutely thrilled with cantine and the breakfast in the school! Can't wait to meet you all there again! Lidija

Your recommendations for other students

I would always reccomend your school to everyone!!! It is well organised, complete and very flexible. I enjoyed my every stay there and would wish to all to have an opportunity to visit you and to learn German with you! I love it how much effort you give into cohesion af students and their friendships, how many various things I've learned and how great my German became, all because of you! Gls is only option, everything else is just a poor alternative!

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