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How to make friends

Aiko, 22, from Japan – September 20, 2016

Stay: A month, Course Start: 2016 , Accomodation:


The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I loved the bench on campus. Everyone was talking with someone on the bench, which was outside of the cafeteria, and I could naturally make many friends there. Especially on every Monday evening, we drank beers and wine on the bench until 10pm, when the place is closed, and moved to a bar near school. The habit was the best way to start weekdays for our GLS life. Everyone was friendly and open-minded to each other. We were doing something together almost everyday after school.

It became one of the greatest memories in my life.

Your recommendations for other students

Just go to the bench and talk to someone. Then you can make lots of friends there!

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