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Great experience! I learned a lot and would definitely recommend it to others!

Paul, 22, from United States – September 29, 2017

Stay: 3 weeks, Course Start: 2017 , Accomodation:

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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

The teachers were very helpful and fostered an atmosphere conducive to learning German. The approach to learning German seemed very organized, though challenging. I would say there ought to be options for students to learn topics that the class has already covered before they arrived, but which they have not yet learned. For instance, in my German learning, I have learned to speak much more fluidly than many people with a similar background, but I have not really learned the proper grammar rules, especially concerning the cases and endings for adjectives and learning the many articles. This is basic German that I ought to have learned earlier, but that I did not learn. However, I was never given the opportunity to learn this aspect of grammar at the GLS, and that would have been more practically helpful than other grammar lessons we had.

Your recommendations for other students

I would say, speak German as much as possible: in and out of the class. Write down as many of the new words as you can and try to learn them in the evenings. Take your time at the GLS very seriously and that will drastically improve the learning outcomes.

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