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Good German course in the heart of a fabulous area

Borghild, 61, from Norway – May 01, 2018

Stay: 2 weeks, Course Start: 2018 , Accomodation:

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I liked to stay at the campus, that was excellent, but the bed could have been a little bit better. The course was good, but maybe the groups could have been better mixed agewise. My class was nice and fun, but I wish there had been others that were older than 23 and had been there for half a year. I met some at the very end that was at the same level as I but in another class. Then it would have been easier to find someone to talk to in the breaks.

Maybe some of the afterschool activities could have been a little later, it was quite busy finish classes at 14.45 and get ready by 15.00 for the activities.

Your recommendations for other students

I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in studying German. The campus is super, and the area is just amazing.

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