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Victor, 29, from Sweden – September 26, 2014

Stay: 20 weeks, Course Start: 2013 , Accomodation:

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

During my 20 weeks at GLS I cycled through different classes and different teachers. From the first day, barely knowing how to introduce myself, to the last day when I could hold conversations with strangers on the street, the teachers and staff always came across as skilled and competent.

GLS has a fairly open structured level system, which is really helpful if you're a fast learner. If the current pace is too slow, you can easily jump to a higher level, even if it is just fast forwarding 2-4 weeks and not a whole course!

GLS also boasts quite a bit of traffic in terms of students coming and going. This can be both good and bad. Good because there's always a fresh supply of new encounters and new people to get to know. Bad because the knowledge level in your class might get too spread out and you are forced to repeat topics you've already covered - twice or even thrice.

The facilities are simply great. Fresh, clean, digital whiteboards in some class rooms, on-campus cafeteria and restaurant. Everything you could expect based on their marketing.

As far as the after class activities goes, there's a whole bunch of different things happening every week. They range from interesting lectures with topics relevant to Berlin to your standard pub crawls, and from shorter museum visits to day long field trips to other places in Germany. These activities can be crucial to your social life if you have no other connections in Berlin. GLS has a young and trendy feel to it, therefor attracting a lot of younger people and is somewhat of a party school. This is reflected in the weekly after class activities, which at the very least once a week include some form of social gathering involving consumption of alcohol... Then again, GLS lies in the heart of Berlin - a city (in)famous for its parties!

All-in-all, GLS is a great school, if you can swing the price tag.

Your recommendations for other students

Make use of the flexible system and don't be afraid to skip to a higher class. It might seems daunting at first but in my experience, learning happens much faster when you are forced to use German at a level that is slightly out of your range.

Also, take every opportunity you can to practice your German. Your time at the school is limited, and while everything in Berlin seems alluring through its sheer awesomeness, give your 100% in learning the language. I promise you, whatever else you do in the city will be so much more rewarding.

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