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Fantastic teachers, investable groups and self training.

Ane, 26, from Spain – December 21, 2017

Stay: 7 weeks, Course Start: 2017 , Accomodation:

Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

The best: The teachers and their implication. They really try their best to get everybody on board and make German grammar as comprehensive as possible. They also stress the speaking part, which is the hardest and most important.

The worst: The instability of the groups. It is really nice to get to know your colleagues and get some confidence so speaking with them is easier, but the groups change so often and fast that those cozy feelings don't stay long. However, once more, teachers handle the situation very well and integrate everyone real fast. Lastly, even if I understand the value of periodic tests to know where you are and which aspects you should strengthen, I find making a test every Friday too much. I do feel it's a waste of time (not huge) that would better be used as normal class. So, I would reduce it to once every two weeks or so.

Your recommendations for other students

Do make the homeworks. And not only that, make extra exercises on your own on the things you need to improve the most, that is when questions arise and you can ask the teachers next day.

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