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Efficient and professional, with the bonus of ...

Inga, 41, from Latvia – May 02, 2018

Stay: Two weeks, Course Start: 2018 , Accomodation:

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Efficient and professional, with the bonus of being located in a cool neighbourhood

If you can only spare a few weeks, the Intensive Programme is perfect. With 4.5 hours of classes per day, plus all the homework and oral presentations to be prepared, you'll be busy enough. The group size was optimal: 7 one week and 6 the other (excluding a very elusive - or shall I say "flying" - Dutchman :-)) My teachers (Simone and Hannes) were really professional and cool. 

I also participated in both on-campus and off-campus after-class activities. The seminars on various aspects of history very great – thanks to the teachers who prepared them! The guided tour of the museum "Topographie des Terrors" was extremely valuable and well-presented – definitely a must while in Berlin. I was also grateful for the visit to St Hedwig's Cathedral – such an unusual layout and interior! 

I initially chose GLS over Goethe because GLS offers on-campus accommodation, and was very happy with this decision. Staying at the Rooftop Maisonette at "Hotel Oderberger" helped me enter a sort of studious monk mind-set.  The only issue was having no desk lamp (essential for all the plentiful homework!), but that was swiftly solved. Oh, and do try the swimming pool! One afternoon I was lucky enough to have it all to myself. 

The GLS clientele is predominantly 18-20 year-old youth preparing to study at a German-language university. I felt very comfortable in my group of highly motivated Swiss and Tunisian youngsters, but for those who might see this as a drawback, I guess the 30plus Programme would be the way to go. 

The only complaint I have is about the campus outdoor space. In nice weather, any table can turn into a smokers' table, so it's hard to avoid smoke. It would be preferable to have designated non-smokers' spaces (depending on wind direction). 

Finally, this Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood made me finally like Berlin (didn't happen on two previous visits). It's really appealing with all the reasonably priced cafes, restaurants, shops that stay open till 8pm, and almost no cars.


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