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A wonderful, well-structured school in a beautiful neighbourhood. Definitely worth it, I learnt a lot.

Sophie, 18, from United Kingdom – June 26, 2013

Stay: 3 months, Course Start: 2012 , Accomodation:

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The weekly assessments meant that ones level was regularly tested so it was certain one would be in the right class. The teachers were friendly and helpful, not only in academic terms but also if a recommendation was wanted or if one had a question about Berlin. Over my three months I had several teachers all of whom were of the highest quality. As the classes were small, one was able to get to know them well which was really nice. In terms of the atmosphere of the school, although friendly, it was often very difficult to meet new people. One only really came into contact with the other people in ones classes but that isn't very many. The drinks on the first night is a good idea but perhaps this could happen twice a week to encourage more inter-student bonding. The after-class activities, though, were well-planned and interesting, especially the trip to the brewery. As far as the continuation of language goes after class, however, it was very easy to slip back into ones mother tongue, especially English as everyone else wants to practise. If the school organised after-class conversations between Berliners and the students, I believe ones language skills would improve dramatically.

Your recommendations for other students

Although the campus accommodation was really nice, clean and spacious and although I met lovely people through it, I would recommend students staying for longer than a month to take an apartment outside of the school. That way they can experience more of Berlin and have a more genuine Berlin lifestyle. Nonetheless, I think it is extremely important to try to mix with the other students so the drinks on the first night at the school are a must. Also, participation in the after-class activities is a great way to meet people, it is also an opportunity to see things you might not otherwise go to in Berlin. It is important to make as much of your time as possible - do something different everyday. Berlin has so much to offer and I guarantee your time will slip away absurdly and unnoticeably fast!

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