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A definite recommendation for all

Sebastien, 27, from Colombia – December 21, 2017

Stay: 8 months, Course Start: 2017 , Accomodation:

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

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Great classes, where all aspects of the German language are covered gradually, with recaps from time to time. Teachers are usually always ready to help and support you, all in German. Some might not be the right fit for you, but that is easily and swiftly fixed by talking with administration.

It can feel a little slow at times, and as if you are seeing the same things over again, but this pace does make for a surer and safer learning method.

Your recommendations for other students

My recommedation is to take your time, pace yourself, and know that you are here to learn and GLS is there to help you do that. Do not be afraid to talk, ask, comment, complain. It is a very good school, and I definitely recommend studying German there.

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