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A bit dissapointing...

Thomas, 37, from United Kingdom – June 18, 2018

Stay: 2 weeks, Course Start: 2018 , Accomodation:


The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I took a two week standard course. 

The good:

-Both teachers were very good.

-Campus facilities are good. 

The bad:

-Class size was way too big. 12 students is just too many, especially for the price. The class I was in was dominated by a few less motivated individuals, which was a shame.

-Strange behaviour in the class, with people coming in and out during the class to get food/water etc. This was very surprising and quite disruptive. I have never seen this in another language school. This hindered the learning atmosphere.

Your recommendations for other students

I think if you are serious about making progress in German than the standard course at GLS is perhaps worth a try, but I personally wouldn't go on it again for the reasons I highlighted above. I talked to other people on other standard courses at GLS who did not encounter these problems, so this was just bad luck. However when you are paying, luck should not be an issue. I feel GLS is just too big, and they can't check on quality.

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