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What I learnt in Blossin.

Guillermo, 14, from Spain – July 27, 2016, Summer Camp: Berlin Water Sports

Stay: 5 weeks over two years, Course Start: 2016

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

The food was pretty bad. Almost everything else was good.The monitors were very understanding and helpful. The classes weren't too serious but I learnt a lot. The camp itself and the accommodation are great, the rooms aren't very cramped and only having one or two roommates is really cool. The monitors are relaxed about bedtimes and when its disco night or another occasion you can stay up late. Not all the activities are in or around water so don't forget to bring sports clothes for other sports.

Your recommendations for other students

At the start you get a magnetic key card to open your door. Make sure not to lose it!

It can get quite hot in the summer in Blossin so make sure to bring appropriate clothing.

Don't forget that there is an 100€ security deposit. It says to bring about 50€ per week but I recommend bringing more because there are snack machines and a small bar on campus.


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