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Super summer at GLS!

Vivien, 17, from Hong Kong SAR of China – October 02, 2015, Summer Camp: Berlin College

Stay: 3 weeks, Course Start: 2015


The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I really liked how the way they teach at GLS. It was fun, with games, encouragement to speak German, as well as the serious stuff like grammar and such. I've really learned a lot during these three weeks - from not being able to speak/understand German, to being able to confidently hold simple conversations (I was A2 level). I also love how they give us a lot of freedom. Basically the only requirement was that we attend the lessons. You could participate in the morning and evening activities, or you could do your own thing. Those weeks in Berlin were some of the best and most exciting of my life. I enjoyed the friendships I made and will also treasure the memories.

Your recommendations for other students

If your schedule allows, I would recommend you go for the first week GLS summer camp starts. This allows you to take advantage of the small classes and make many friends. From the second week, usually the students flood in (our year, we increased from 16 to 60 people). The classes are bigger and the students aren't as close as before. Also, I stayed in the host family and while the host family was very kind, I missed the way my friends all stayed together in the dorm. The host family helps you improve your German (because they speak German with you, while you'll probably speak English with your friends), but you want to better enjoy time with friends, choose the GLS dorm option.

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