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Munich Young & Fun

Jeremy, 8, from Austria – September 02, 2014, Summer Camp: Munich Young & Fun

Stay: 2 weeks, Course Start: 2014

After class activities
Support by GLS staff

The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

Jeremy was part of the group of 4 boys from Shanghai ( Sebastian, Florian and the older brother of Seb .. Julian ) .. its seems they like it and in particular Jeremy would like to come back next year, lets see ! It was just a pity that the weather was pretty bad and this curtailed the various activities greatly, due the rain etc.

Jeremy also liked the swimming at the Schliersee at the Public Bathing area, the kids would have like to go more often to this place , always weather permitting.

One thing the kids mention , was the food , the variety was pretty poor and it seems that they mostly ate snacks from the dispenser or where given , when they did there various duty jobs or helped out with the cleaning , which I think , was good thing.

The soccer training was average and could have been more proffesional.... do not know how many kids attended this soccer training and do not know what was the ratio staff to kids.All 4 kids are playing soccer in SHA and found it boring and was also far away !

There was one thing I want to raise , the security of the kids at night time , it happened the last night , one Russian kid ( Zac or Zack or similar ) put tooths paste all over Jeremy's hair at night time and took us several day to get the tooth paste out of his hair , plus the bed was also in a big mess with the tooth paste all over the best . There should be a way , that the kids lock the door , so things like that and pulling does not happen ... do not know if it happened during day time between younger and older kids.

Sure the German , they learned was not that great , understand that they had hardly any German knowledge, but we thought it might be better after 2 weeks , then again how much you can teach them in ten days X 3 hours.

The cloths where really in a mess , mainly due to the wet and rainy weather , the dirty and clean cloth where wet and damp and smelly after 14 days ... I guess older students can or could handle this situation better then the young once.

Are there any picture who where taken by the GSL staff during the soccer , parties, BBQ and excursionetc. , as it would be great to get hold of such pictures , as the kids hardly made some or forgotten to take some.

Hope to get some feed back from you guys and sure the boys liked it in general and then again boys are boys , not much we can change !

With best regards

Peter J Hierzi

Group General Manager

Ramada Pudong Airport/ Ramadaa Plaza Pudong


Your recommendations for other students

Maybe more suitable , for a bit older students , more like 11 to 12 years onwards, they would handle the laundry situation better then 8 to 9 years old. For the youngers , is more fun and do not take the learning German that serious !

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