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Made some great friends and had lots of fun outside the campus. Cheers

Diane , 17, from France – July 26, 2016, Summer Camp: Berlin College

Stay: 2 weeks, Course Start: 2016


The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

For the good : the freedom. We were treated as adults and were responsible which was really nice. And my teacher Nadia was really sweet and a good teacher. She listened to us and tried to choose topics according to our interests.

The food for the breakfast in the morning was good and diversified.

For the bad: my second teacher was really weird and not pedagogical at all, we talked about subjects that could have hurt some people (for example we talked about fat people and he asked us "would you rather be too fat or too skinny?" I mean first it is a stupid question like asking would you rather be too cold or too hot ! And secondo it is inappropriate, what if someone in the class had actually been fat ?! ) and his classes were really boring because he just sat there and talked. Always asking the same questions and comparing countries. Or he showed us some weird videos.

The food for the diner was kind of always the same but I guess we can't do otherwise with so many people to feed... Oh and put some real knifes for the BBQ because the plastic ones are really not practical.

To put a C1 Level (if it doesn't exist) because I had taken the test which said I was level B2 C1 and I was in a B2 class, but I already have a B2 certificate from last year in Munchen.

Your recommendations for other students

To talk to each other even if we don't speak the same language.

To be more animated in class because this was so boring... It wasn't fun.

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