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Matteo, 24, from Italy – September 27, 2014

Stay: 5 weeks, Course Start: August 2014 , Accomodation: No accomodation booked via GLS

After class activities
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The Good & the Bad - what did you like best? What least?

I really liked my classes and the atmosphere at school.

It's amazing to know such a lot of people from all over the world.


Sometimes my classes were a bit too slow. Sometimes there are some students who know more grammar than the others but if they doesn't speak at all it becomes harder to manage it during classes.

Maybe it should be better to find some specific classes for these people with "speaking difficulties/pronunciation" in order to let the others students improve faster and maybe to make them feel more comfortable with the other students.

Your recommendations for other students

I think that GLS is a very nice school.

I was an almost complete beginner and I have been able to improve a lot thanks to teachers, classmates and my effort. I suggest you to try to be as serious as you can in order to improve faster and feel comfortable with German, which is the key to start enjoying entirely Berlin.

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