GLS Campus Berlin


... a spooky cold war spot - and a beautiful hill with a fantastic view all over Berlin

Distance from GLS: 40 minutes - google map
GLS guide, train ticket: 5 €

"Teufelsberg" translates devil´s hill, the name coming from a lake of the same name near by. The hill is famous in Berlin: for one it is beautiful, from the top you have a fantastic view all over Berlin.

But the main attraction is something else: during the cold war the Americans built a huge monitoring station on top of the hill - a station they used to screen the communist east, Russia as well as the belated German Democratic Republic.

The Americans left, but the station is still there: dilapidated, broken and kind of a perversely beautiful cold war museum. We will take you on a tour around the station, you´ll hear lots about Berlin history and of course you will have time enjoying the view.

Departure in Berlin: 10.30 am

Back in Berlin: 5 pm