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German for teens @ GLS summer camps in Munich

Munich is a fantastic place to learn German. The Bavarian capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The GLS summer camps for kids & teens have fantastic locations - one in a Munich castle, the others in the Alp mountains just south of Munich. See an overview at the end of this page to help you choose the summer camp in Munich that you like best.


Sommer Camps 2019 - Book now and save

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Book before 30 SEP 2018 and get this year's prices for next year's summer camps. 

Munich Intensive15-17very close to Munich,
with the most German classes
1.820 €
Munich Castle14 - 17in the city of Munich,
urban & in a cool castle 
1.860 €
Munich Adventure12-17in the Alps, action & fun climbing,
mountain biking,
1.920 €
Munich Young & Fun7-14in the Alps, familiartennis
1.690 €

* just a price sample - you can book more weeks