German courses in Berlin

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How we teach

Teachers @ the GLS German Language School in Berlin encourage you to speak German as much as possible. You´ll get all the corrections, grammar and vocabulary you need to take you to the next level, but our priority is on active speaking. We teach in tandem, with teachers alternating at every break.

General German:

All general German courses build on the 4 fundamentals: oral comprehension, writing, reading and speaking. Free class discussions, role-playing and conversation help develop verbal expression, vocabulary and good sentence structure. Grammar is not studied in isolation, rather it is packed in informative and stimulating texts that provide valuable cultural, political and historical background. Some topics covered include: relationships, social life, jobs and labour, history of Berlin, cultural identity.

Business German - German for success:

The Business German courses cover communicative language skills for the professional world - regardless of a specific profession, i.e. this course will cover topics you need in ALL professional fields: the language of negotiations, meetings and presentations, business correspondence, telephoning. You learn how to understand/explain illustrations, diagrams, statistics; how to read/write memos, business letters, reports, brochures in German and how to communicate in discussions and business meetings.

German for lawyers:

The course German for lawyers focuses on different legal forms, concentrating on European and German law. You learn how to read, to understand and formulate juridical phrases in German and will gain confidence in their usage of German in juristic matters. On request meetings with German lawyers can be arranged.

German for journalists:

Germany’s print media, the most important radio and TV stations as well as multimedia groups will be introduced. The course German for journalists backs up German skills like telephoning, information gathering, skim-reading, drafting short exposes and manuscripts as well as interviewing. If requested visits to editorial offices in Berlin can be arranged.

German for teachers:

This course German for teachers reviews and discusses latest developments in teaching German as a foreign language. You can fine-tune your German and update yourself on recently published specialized literature and a variety of materials designed for teaching German. Visits to educational institutions can be arranged..