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رحلات نهاية الأسبوع مع ج ل س

دليل ج ل س يرافقكم و هو بدون مقابل عليكم دفع تذاكر القطار و الدّخول الّتي تكون في غالب الأحيان رخيصة لأنّنا نتحصّل على أسعار خاصّة بالجملة.


Stasi-prison Hohenschönhausen

Did you see the German movie "The Lives of others"? That won an Oscar in 2007?

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Schwerin - the city of seven lakes and forests

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Canoeing in Spreewald

"Spreewald" south of Berlin is a river landscape absolutely unique in Central Europe

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The old city is part of the UNESCO world heritage

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Bicycle Tour: Lakes around Potsdam

Explore the beauty around Berlin and Potsdam

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... home of many movie stars and more than 1000 years old

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... a small town north of Berlin and from 1936 to 1945 location of a Nazi concentration camp

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Elegant Hamburg at the North Sea coast is Germany´s second biggest city

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Leipzig used to be Germany´s "little Paris"

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Berlin - Lake Wannsee

Wannsee has always been Berliners´ favourite lake

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